What happens in a divorce? Do I have to go before a Jury, a Judge?No Jury but MAYBE a Judge…..

To the right is your divorce judge in Jersey City, Hackensack, Newark, etc., will not really, they do not wear helmets no matter how nasty the parties get! The black robe is on and you are so close to obtaining the key to the treasure, the New Jersey divorce judgment! You are wondering, what is the person in the dark outfit going to ask me? I am getting nervous. Relax. First the Judge in the black robe is a human being, trained in family and divorce law prior to getting on the divorce bench. Second, if you have a divorce lawyer, he or she will prepare you for the questions the Judge may ask or your lawyer may ask to make the divorce official. So depending on the Judge, the Judge will either ask the questions or your lawyer will ask the questions you need to respond. So first, you need to indicate that you have in fact lived in New Jersey for more than one year. To do that your lawyer will ask, Where do you live now? How long have you lived there? or When the cause of action arose, where did you live? Then you will be asked, You were married to the defendant on March 7, 2012 for example in a civil ceremony in Jersey City, correct? No, actually we were married in Newark but the date is right (again, we are all human so relax). Next, if you have children, the divorce attorney will ask their names, dates of birth, etc. Your lawyer will then ask if about the cause of action and if that is true and remains true. The attorney will then ask if there is any reasonable chance of getting back together/reconciliation, which the answer should be no.

If you seek your maiden name back, some questions about that will be asked. If you have assets to divide or a marital settlement agreement, your divorce lawyer or divorce judge will ask if you understood the contents of the agreement, if you read it prior to signing, that nobody forced to sign it, that you are not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol now or when you signed it, that your attorney answered all your questions, that you are satisfied with the services your attorney provided, what is your highest level of education, that you understand the English language, that you can read and write the English language, that by settling you are giving up your right to trial and that at trial you could have done better, worse or about the same.

Once the Judge determines that the parties fully understood that an agreement has been reached and valid, the Judge will pronounce that the Judge feels the parties understand and that under the rules of the State of New Jersey, you are now divorced! It may seem like a lot of questions but it goes really fast and sooner than you think, you may be out celebrating your divorce with your friends and thanking yourself for hiring me Santo Artusa Esq, to be your divorce lawyer!

If you are seeking a divorce and do not want to face the judge alone or your spouse, contact my team on 201-706-7910 today to discuss your divorce or family law case options in my Jersey City office.

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