Each divorce case is different for many reasons. Each service offered is also crafted for the particular client. An executive/high end divorce service is one where the client is able to have certain legal services done for them in a different way. For example, we have clients throughout the country that have divorce and/or family law cases in New Jersey but are unable to come to New Jersey all that often or more often, we have executive clients that work in New York City that need an attorney that is willing to meet with them out of the office or in the executives office or business. We provide that service to our potential clients and current clients but is based on the attorney’s hourly fee for the consultation and travel time. Again, this is not for everyone but for clients who do not have time to lose and who prefer to meet on their territory if you will. Not only is this a convenient service to our clients but is also serves as a way to meet with a divorce attorney without anyone knowing as you may be in the very early stages of divorce planning.

And while we use the term executive, you do not have to be the CEO of Goldman Sachs to use the service, you can be a small business owner, a high end employee, athlete, the list goes on and on but the key is that you want discretion and you want to be able to meet with your attorney at various hours and places because it is very important to you and you are a busy business owner, professional etc, we can help you. While our offices are located in Jersey City, it is easy for us to get to you in New York City, Hoboken, Weehawken, Short Hills and beyond. If you seek to meet with us on site or at your location, contact us today on 201-706-7910.




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