Father’s Rights and Mother’s Rights Today

No matter what you do, no matter what you say, when you are dealing with a woman in the angry woman syndrome, it is not good enough and the angry woman will look to make problems for you whenever she can. This is amplified in the angry woman’s playground, divorce and family court. At her playground she will try to limit a father’s time with his kids or trying to control how he can see his kids as if men do not matter in the parenting equation. Well the angry woman is wrong. It will not happen on my watch. Just like the jealous man, who hits a woman, its about control and they do not know where to place their rage. Either way, I do not care where this rage comes from, I do not care what their parents did to them, I only care about the kids involved NOW. When I am hired in a family law case, I take the case to find an outcome that will help the child, NOW. Not the angry woman, not the angry/jealous man who was dumped but for the sake of the kids, grow up, lets work this out with a very specific long term plan that is so specific that there leaves no room for error, zero room. Leaving zero room for error leave no room for argument and disagreements. Arguments will only fuel the anger and the idiocy. Judges and family law attorneys do not have time to listen to the whole history of the relationship, etc. We are there to advocate for our clients and in my eyes, work out as many issues as possible with as many options available to give the children the best childhood they have knowing both parents love them and both parents will try to show each other respect in front of them. Difficult task but yes, it can be done, it has been done and I am living proof of working things out. I am a family law attorney and one of the leading divorce lawyers in Jersey City but I am also a father and someone that was in family court before becoming a lawyer. I know what it is like.

For whatever reason, the angry woman’s anger keeps coming and more exaggerations are presented to you and to a Judge. You struggle with it because you cannot understand why someone is so angry or why someone can remain so angry for so long, or how someone can just fabricate reality. In short, do not try to understand crazy because it will make you crazy. While you are going through heartache because your child is being used as a pawn, or you are getting arrested under fake charges, or the custodial parent does not follow a poorly written court order, there is hope and we can help you. First, like Michelle Obama says, they go low, we stay high. Yes, do not go down to the angry woman’s or madman’s level, stay focused, stay positive, think of the long term, we will get there. When she brings you down, you will pay, trust me you will pay a heavy price for falling for the trap. Stay on course and we will help you obtain a detailed agreement or detailed court order that has bite so that if someone does not abide by it, there will be consequences. If there are no consequences then Ms. Anger will keep wasting your time in court, wasting your time setting up parenting time which she cancels when you arrive, trust me I have seen it all. If you are ready to work with an attorney that knows about family law, really knows about it and not just from the books, contact me today on 201-706-7910 to make an appointment in my Jersey City location.

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