You walk into a lawyer’s office hoping to get some clarity on some legal issue you or a loved one may be facing and as you begin to explain what is going on and the lawyer is nodding away, is the lawyer nodding because he understands or is nodding simply an act to seem as if she knows what you are talking about? While I was watching the HBO show ‘Divorce’ a few months ago, i could not stop laughing when this builder going through a divorce hired some clueless lawyer working form his home that only wrote wills for his divorce! When his doctor friend asked him why he hired this man that makes you whisper while in his office not to wake his kids, the builder said, “LAW IS LAW.” I could not stop laughing. A lawyer has a duty to tell you if they are familiar with the kind of case you need help with, if its his first case and/or whether the lawyer can try to figure it our but either way the lawyer must be upfront about it.

While the title of my article indicates what a lower will not tell you, most lawyers will tell you if you ask them and many others will be upfront with you as to their level of knowledge and/or level of comfort about your legal case. It is very important because if the issue was not important to you, you would not be in a lawyer’s office in the first place.

I practice different areas of law with most experience in litigation, whether it is criminal, family, divorce, etc. I will be brutally honest when I do not know something and I will also be brutally honest when I do and that you do not have a case. There is no point in wasting people’s time, not mine, not yours.

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