Lets face it, you are married to a pig. Someone that does not clean up after themselves, doesnt speak to you well but yet, you are still married. You may have left but you are still married. Why not just divorce the pig? We can have you divorced in 28 days! This is how we can get you divorced from that pig today! And yes, our picture pig is nicer than the pig we speak of.

First, you will come into our Jersey City office or we can speak on the phone and exchange the necessary information. From there we will be able to file the divorce papers in New Jersey that very same day if you elect that service. From there your spouse will come in and sign the divorce papers and very very very soon, the pig will be out of your life!

I did this for my cousin Amanda last year. She was married to a boorish guy who thought the sun only shined on him and everyone else was an idiot. While her marriage was short, the writing was on the wall that the pig would never change so why wait until it’s too late, we handled the divorce and the sloth was gone from her life! She could not believe how fast it was done and pretty much how easy it was.

If you want to get a divorce ASAP contact me today on 201-706-7910 to speak with me or my Jersey City team. Until then, go vegan.

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