You are ready to file divorce papers in New Jersey or filed an application in New Jersey Family Court in Jersey City-Hudson County, Bergen County, Union County or beyond. You are upset because for whatever reason, the marriage did not work or the relationship did not work and you want to have your day in court. You are seething for vengeance and for someone to understand what you have gone through. Don’t get me wrong, divorce lawyers, family law attorneys, Judges, mediators, etc do care but there is only so much we can do about how you feel. Now it is about the kids, remember the kids? Yeah, the little kids that didn’t ask to be here but were brought into this life by you and your spouse/ex/paramour/mistress etc. While some newer Judges in family court may make the mistake of siding with someone because they feel someone was “let on” or for any other reason they feel like, it is key to have an attorney to show what it is really all about at this time, the kids, REMEMBER the kids. Forget yourself and remember the kids that look to you for everything. Are you upset you had kids with someone that doesn’t pay child support to you? Kids with someone that is married? Kids with someone that doesn’t work? Well, you must of knew something when you met that person. It cannot all be a surprise now, can it? Whether it is or not, you need to put your work boots on and get ready to fight, get ready to work for your kids, get ready to do all you can for your kids, literally, not to just say it because often those who say it, do not nearly do enough.

I write this article as a family law attorney in Jersey City who is shocked at some of the cases I see before my cases are called of people who try to alienate mom or dad, the cases where the custodial parent wants to milk the non-custodial parent dry to the point where he or she cannot live. Whether money is paid or not, try and keep trying to get the other parent involved. Have that parent see the kids, do not poison the parent/child relationship regardless of how mad you are. You have a better chance of that parent waking up after seeing how much the kids need than if you keep trying to poison the relationship.

In the end, I can only say or do so much. Whether I represent you or not, remember the kids because they need you more than you realize.

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