Hon. Tara Schillari Rich Hudson County Judge

As a Hudson County-New Jersey Family Law and Divorce Attorney, I am happy to say that a new judge has been appointed to the Hudson County Family Court in Jersey City. New Jersey Superior Court Judge Tara Schillari Rich is the newest Judge to take the family court bench in Hudson County and was sworn in by Governor Christie. Judge Schillari Rich is a certified matrimonial attorney and understands the rules and procedures of the family courts in New Jersey extremely well, my team and I have appeared before her numerous times and believe she is a fair and equitable Judge. If the name sounds familiar that is because her father is the Sheriff of Hudson County, Sheriff Schillari. Judge Tara Rich will hear a variety of family law cases such as domestic violence/restraining orders, child custody, parenting time, child support and other related family law issues. Prior to becoming a judge, Judge Tara Rich worked for a family law firm in Bergen County where she had over 15 years of experience. This addition is a welcome sign to attorneys and litigants as having a Judge experienced in family law and divorce is very important from a lawyers perspective because the Judge will know the time constraints and difficulties in practicing family law.


  1. Divorce
  2. Domestic Abuse/Domestic Violence
  3. Child Custody
  4. Child Support
  5. Parenting Time
  6. Child/Parental Relocation
  7. Order to Show Causes (Emergent Hearings)
  8. Post Divorce Motions
  9. College Contributions
  10. Private School Contributions
  11. Ability to travel outside the United States
  12. Shared Parenting
  13. Modification of Court Orders
  14. Initial Court Orders
  15. DNA/Paternity tests

The Judge’s chambers are in the New Jersey Superior Court-Chancery Division/Family Part located at 595 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306, 8th Floor. The Judge will be under Judge Maureen Mantineo, the presiding Judge of the family part.

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