5 Reasons Not to Kill Your Divorce Lawyer Yet

When choosing a divorce or family law attorney in Jersey City-Hudson County and beyond, you may be looking for insight and tips as to how to choose the best lawyers, how to file for divorce, filing divorce papers, etc., and you may come across a lot of information, some useful, some useless. Below I will quickly give you a few good reasons not to kill your divorce lawyer or divorce lawyers who are providing you with information, at least during the case! and after to reflect that your attorney was trying to fight for your best interests while weighing the factors of going to trial, settlement options and costs.

  1. If you picked the right divorce attorney, your divorce attorney will advocate for you as best as he or she can with the information you provide. Divorce attorneys, like other attorneys, are seeking your best interest. That best interest is sometime blurred and hard to define but that is the goal.
  2. Even when things do not go as planned or as you desired, your lawyer does care and should try to do what he or she can to mitigate the issues you face. Lawyers do care about you and your case.
  3. Your divorce lawyer is not happy that you are getting divorced, he is there to ensure your rights are protected. He or she can only do his or her best under the confines of the laws of New Jersey. Divorce lawyers will always have work and are not happy that you are going through an emotional struggle but they are realists.
  4. Your divorce lawyer wants the children to be happy and secure. Divorce lawyers whether they have kids or not, were once kids themselves and who doesn’t want to see children happy?
  5. Your lawyer is concerned about the costs involved in the case and wants you to make decisions based on reality and economics. Divorce lawyers must give you a plan on how the case will proceed. Lawyers should give you a road map or plan. If you cannot afford to build a castle, your focus should be on building the most secure home possible in your budget. The same holds true in divorce and family law.

Just a little more……..

At times you may think your lawyer is trying to persuade you against what you want. Divorce lawyers are supposed to be objective in their thinking about your interests and to take the positions that will be the most beneficial to you. You may see it one way but an experienced divorce attorney sees it the way a Judge would see it and tries to sway you accordingly for many reasons. Your attorney should push you to avoid terrible decisions and seeking things that cannot be obtained under the law. Divorce lawyers are trying to explain the law to you while balancing real world emotions and real world finances. It is not easy.

Divorce is never easy but we at the Artusa Law Firm try our best to show that we care and try to place ourselves in the same position as the client to understand what is at stake and that we would only advise a client to accept something that we would accept  if it was our case. If you have a divorce case in Jersey City, Hudson County NJ contact us today on 201-706-7910 to see how we can help you today.