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  1. How can I be divorced fast in Bergen County, Hudson County, Essex County or elsewhere?From the get go, before going to visit divorce attorneys in Bergen County or elsewhere (hopefully my team), speak to your spouse. Let him or her know, I am filing for divorce, to make it go fast, all you have to do is visit the attorney after or a notary and sign one piece of paper. (We make it easy so that your spouse can come into the office once we obtain a docket number 3-10 days after the filing and he or she can sign in front of me).
  2. Bring all the necessary paperwork. What is the necessary paperwork?
    Bring your license, if you can bring your marriage certificate, bring your insurance information (car, health, life), if you have children-gather their social security numbers.
  3. Once we have this, we will generate the paperwork right on site, you will sign, I will sign and we will file the papers that same day if full payment is made.
  4. Once we receive the court documents back “filed” with a docket number, your spouse can come in and sign the paper waiving his or her right to answer. If your spouse lives far away, out of state, out of the country, we can send it to your spouse with simple instructions.
  5. From there, we will supercharge the process even further and send in the default papers and seek a court date.
  6. We will then get a court date, ask a few questions and violaaaaaa, you are divorced!If you want a fast divorce, contact us today on 201-706-7910. For more specific information about Bergen County Divorces and Judges, read below. 


The Hackensack Divorce Lawyers at the Artusa Law Firm represent people who have family law and divorce related cases in the Bergen County Superior Court-Family Division. Most counties in New Jersey have their own Superior Court where divorce and family law issues are heard. In Bergen County, the family court address is 10 Main Street, Hackensack, New Jersey. The court is very busy with a variety of cases including: divorce, child custody, child support, parenting time, civil cases and criminal cases. For more information My team and I are experienced in handling cases in Bergen County Divorce Cases and have done so successfully before most of the following Bergen County Family Court Judges: Hon. Lisa Firko, Hon. Peter Melchionne, Hon. Bonnie Mizdol, Hon. Ronny Jo Siegal, Hon. Mark T. Janeczko, Judge Walter F. Skrod, Judge Magali M. Francois, Judge Terry Paul Bottinelli, Judge James X. Sattely.

Each Judge is unique in how they handle cases, which factors are more important to them in making a decision, their time management, their personalities, their staff and so forth. It is important to understand how important each Judge weighs the various factors in a case and how the Judge operates the courtroom.

When filing a divorce in Bergen County that has issues concerning assets, debts, child custody, parenting time, child support, alimony and so forth, the court manages the case as follows:

  1. After the submission of the various divorce filings (divorce complaint/answer/answer and counterclaim, an appearance). The court will then schedule a case management conference that is conducted in person where the attorneys and/or the litigants appear and discuss which issues are in contention and the approximate timeline to complete certain tasks (filing a case information statement, a custody and parenting plan, the discovery/information seeking timeline). At this conference, you have the opportunity to give a first impression to the Judge. While it is not a guarantee that the Judge at the conference will be the Judge at a final hearing/trial/motion etc., there is a good chance so how you look, act, speak, what time you arrive is very important.
  2. Discovery is then exchanged where the parties can seek information concerning the opposing side’s position on child custody, parenting time, marital assets, proof of income, proof of the marital lifestyle, expenses, debts, etc. This can be done by way of written questions, and/or a deposition.
  3. When discovery is over or close to over, the attorneys and their clients will attend an early settlement panel where the parties submit their economic case positions to a panel ranging from 2-4 attorneys who will provide their opinions. While the panel only gives an opinion or opinions, the panel is considering the cost of going forward past the early settlement panel, going to trial, the odds of certain positions prevailing in court, the evidence needed to do so and so forth. They try their best to get the attorneys on the same page to settle the case. Their opinion is non-binding. After the early settlement panel, the parties and/or their attorneys will appear before the Judge to inform him or her if the case has settled or not. If it has not, the court will order that an economic mediator be used.
  4. Economic mediation is similar to the panel but there will only be one mediator instead of a panel and the mediation will usually occur at a lawyer’s office. This is another great chance to settle the case. Again, this is also non-binding.
  5. If you fail to settle at this point, trial preparation begins/continues and the Judge will then demand that certain trial rules be complied with before the trial starts and then opening statements begin. At trial, you may try all issues or some depending on if anything is agreed to. During the trial, you have the right to testify, call witnesses, present evidence, question evidence, and cross-examine witnesses.

While there are other aspects in a divorce case that could happen (emergency court hearings/order to show causes and motions). The above is a general outline of Bergen County divorce best practices and in some cases motions and post judgment motions. And while you may be certain you will obtain everything you want, and you may, anything can happen at trial, a Judge can rule in a manner never predicted, in short-it can be a risky proposition. It is always best to try to reach a resolution that you can live with because at least you had major input into the agreement, whereas at trial, even the best Judge can lose focus, can miss a certain point and then you are saddled with a controlling judgment that will/may affect your daily life and could affect the lives of others such as your children/step children.

If you have been served with divorce papers or seek to file for divorce in Bergen County, New Jersey, contact the divorce lawyers at the Artusa Law Firm on 201-706-7910 for a confidential appointment today-We offer phone consultations and in office consults. Until then, stay positive and take care of the things most important to you.