5 Reasons You Don’t Need To Kill Your Spouse During a Divorce (Kidding)

As divorce attorneys in Jersey City, New Jersey we hear it all. Most of the time, clients or potential clients are venting and we understand, trust me, we understand, many of us are married too. Marriage is tough, divorces are tougher and can be heartbreaking but I will give you five reasons not to act on your urge or anger toward your spouse. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, there really is.

In New Jersey:

  1. Permanent alimony is no longer available to the dependent spouse and yes men can receive alimony too!
  2. Alimony, if you have to pay it, is tax deductible, yea! Uncle Sam finally a break!
  3. Shared custody is becoming more common in New Jersey and the other parent cannot keep you away from your child. This is YUGE! (yes I can spell huge but this is bigger than HUGE).
  4. Child Support does not last forever either.
  5. You do not have to listen to your spouse nag in your home anymore, that can also be viewed as YUGE!

If you want to file for divorce in New Jersey or have been served with divorce papers, do yourself a favor and pickup the phone to setup a consultation with our family law team to give you other reasons to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Contact us on 201-706-7910. We are located at 35 Journal Square, Suite 825, Jersey City, NJ 07306.