Like many courts, family courts in New Jersey offer the option of bringing emergent applications or Order to show causes when there is a risk of irreparable harm as set forth in the New Jersey Crowe v.  DeGoia case. Jersey City Lawyer Santo Artusa and his team are experienced in handling emergent applications in Hudson County and beyond concerning family court issues, if time is of the essence, call us ASAP.  An order to show cause can be filed and heard on the same day in family court addressing issues that need to be addressed immediately. Whether something is imminent and/or there is a risk of irreparable harm is not so black and white and can be argued many different ways. Some judges will never grant an order to show cause unless someone kidnapped a child and threatened to leave the country, etc while other Judges will hear financial issues on an emergent basis based on shit off notices/evictions/money be taken from accounts during a divorce, etc. If the court finds that there is a threat of imminent harm, they can grant the order to show cause and then give a return date to permit the other party to respond to the papers and accusations. A New Jersey family court judge can also deny the application and set it down for the normal motion cycle where you can respond in writing as well, this is where having an experienced family law attorney comes in.

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An order to show cause can change your life and arrangements forever if you do not undo the damage or address the allegations against you correctly. Just thinking that you can go to court and simply explain what is going on to the court can effective you in a very bad way. When the risk of losing/changing custody or other matter comes up during an order to show cause, you should hire an attorney immediately to try and go to court with you or at the very least hire one after court to respond to the allegations. But the truth of the matter is it can be very hard to undue certain orders and you need to have an experienced New Jersey family law attorney with you the first time you go to court to try and mitigate the damages you may be facing-First impressions mean a lot to everyone, including family court Judges.

If you have received an emergent application or need to bring one in Hudson County-New Jersey, bring as much relevant information with you to an attorney that handles family law issues so that they know how to navigate through the family court to try and get you the best outcome possible. Contact our Jersey City lawyers on 201-706-7910 if you believe you need to bring an order to show cause or you need to go to court for an emergent application in the Hudson County Family Court. To view all of the legal representation we offer in New Jersey, visit- Artusa Law Firm-Jersey City Lawyers.