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Judge James P. Wilson is one of the Judges the Artusa law Firm represents clients in front of in the Union County, New Jersey Family Court. Union County family law and divorce attorney Santo Artusa represents people who have cases before the Honorable James P. Wilson and other family law judges of the Union County Superior Court of New Jersey, located in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Elizabeth, New Jersey Child Custody Lawyer and Elizabeth Child Support Lawyer Santo Artusa and his team also represent people accused of domestic violence offenses and in preventing a final restraining order from being  entered against our clients. We know the child custody and child support laws that are relevant for your family law case in Elizabeth and can help you with your case today. The first step is calling our office and we can talk about the issues you are facing. If you have a court date scheduled, you need to call us right away as we need to prepare for your case and possible respond to the family court papers you have received in the mail or the divorce papers you have been served with in Union County, NJ. Certain requests must be respond to in writing or  the Judge in family court can decide the case without your input, do not risk it! Family court motions are very hard to appeal so it is critical to do your best with an attorney at the court date you have.

In other matters, You may be accused of assault, harassment, burglary, threats, sexual assault, stalking and so forth that are part of the New Jersey Domestic Violence Act. Visit our page for more information about our Union County Restraining Order Defense Lawyers. The domestic violence unit phone number is 908-659-5830. To contact the Artusa Law Firm which represents people in Elizabeth-Union County, call 201-706-7910. For information about all of the legal services we provide in New Jersey visit: Artusa Law Firm of New Jersey.
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The Elizabeth family court house address is: Elizabethtown Plaza, Elizabeth, NJ 07207.  We also represent people in divorce cases and other child custody/child support matters in Union County, New Jersey before Judge Lisa Chrystal,  Judge John G. Hudak, Judge Elaine Davis, Judge Linda Mallozzi, Judge Theresa Mullen, Judge Alan Lesnewich, Judge Richard Wischusen, and Judge Candido Rodriguez concerning family law and divorce cases. If you have a case in Elizabeth-Union County, contact the Union County-New Jersey attorneys at the Artusa Law Firm today on 201-706-7910. For information direct from The Union County in Elizabeth, contact the family court division phone number on: 908-659-3252 (matrimonial) and 908-659-5802 for non-dissolution (child support, parenting time, child custody). The Union County Court Directory phone number is 908-659-4600.

Judge Wilson decides important Union County-NJ family law cases including but not limited to child custody, child support, parenting time, and spousal support issues. Some cases that are argued before Judge Wilson in Elizabeth-New Jersey which the Artusa Law Firm is experienced in are: child support modifications, child custody disputes, representing fathers, new custody applications, parenting time adjustments, temporary/final restraining orders (domestic violence) and emancipation.

The Elizabeth Family Court/Union County Family Court is located in the heart of Elizabeth, New Jersey, a major transportation hub in New Jersey, not far from Newark and Jersey City. The court is very busy  as Union County-Elizabeth is heavily populated and has many family law disputes (about 4000 divorces per year). Like every town in America, people have family disputes and family law disputes that cannot be worked out without the help of legal professionals such as lawyers, mediators and Judges. The Artusa Law Firm can help you with your family law case.

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If you seek to file an application for relief or have received family court papers and have a court date in Elizabeth, NJ with Judge Wilson, Judge Candido Rodriguez or Judge Chrystal, contact the Artusa Law Firm today to discuss your case and to see if it makes sense to hire an attorney. We can help you present your case and be your voice in court as it is difficult to express what you want and to gain the Judge’s attention in an effective way, we can.  If you have a divorce case in Elizabeth-Union County visit Union County Divorce Lawyer. Contact us today on 201-706-7910 or via our confidential contact form: