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As a Family Law and Divorce Attorney in New Jersey, I practice frequently in Hudson County (Jersey City), Bergen County (Hackensack) and Essex County (Newark). Each court is different, each judge is different and the way to approach a case does have to do with how much you know about the Judge’s style meaning, one argument may be very persuasive with one Judge and with the other Judge you may get the look of death (not recommended). Today, I appeared in front of the Honorable Judge Terry Bottinelli once again in Bergen County Family Court.


Some will agree, others will not, but in my view the times I have argued before him, he has been a “Child First” Judge rather than a father’s rights or mother’s rights. With that in mind, I would think father’s can fare better before the Judge because again, his focus is on the kids, not you, not anyone. The first thing Judge Bottinelli says when you are on a divorce meeting/conference with children involved is that is IT IS KIDS FIRST in his courtroom. Second, he expects fair dealings, no more, no less. If you do not follow these, you will pay the price whether it is a sanction, legal fees or even jail time. While I was in court observing another matter, the father asked, Judge talk to my son today, he will tell you everything. The Judge said, it is Wednesday, your child is 10 years old, what the hell are you thinking bringing your child to court? (paraphrasing).

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The courtroom is on the 10 Main Street, Hackensack entrance on the first floor. The courtroom is small and not-intimidating compared to much bigger courts where 100 other people are watching and listening to your case. My team and I are experienced in handling Bergen County cases in family court for: divorce, child custody, parenting time, child support, child relocation cases, post-divorce modifications, emancipation, alimony, equitable distribution, college contribution and beyond. If you have a family law or divorce case in Bergen County, contact my team at the Artusa Law Firm today on 201-706-7910.