Setting a Goal for A Civil/Amicable Divorce or Family Court Case in New Jersey

Family law in New Jersey encompasses many different subcategories including but not limited to: divorce, child custody, child support, parenting time and many other issues.  While you may think you have the strongest case in the world, and you may, or you don’t have the strongest case based on the facts of your life and the law, it is important to consider trying to resolve these issues outside of court with a the help of a lawyer and/or a mediator-arbitrator. By doing so, you have more control than if you present your case before a Judge who may have 50 other cases that same day, literally. In Jersey City-Hudson County for example, the family court is so busy that when trials or hearings are set, the days you are given can be spread over months, making it hard for the Judge to remember all the facts and other issues. By working with experienced family law and divorce attorneys, you can resolve your family law issues in private and efficiently. If you do not want to mediate because the other side refuses to listen or just does not want to participate, the courts are always open and working with an experienced divorce and family law attorney can help you argue your case to achieve what you are seeking.

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How do I choose the best divorce or family law attorney for me? 

I like food so I will reference food for example. There is no such thing as the best meal for everyone and there is no such thing as the best divorce lawyer for everyone. Everyone has a different style, a different taste, different objectives than another great lawyer or great dish. If you want someone very aggressive because you believe that being aggressive will get you what you want, then search for someone like that. If you believe someone who is seeking to find solutions without making matters worse is the best, then seek someone like that. Again, each person has different goals and how to achieve them. I have seen cases where the other side was so aggressive that the non-custodial parent, in this a case a dad after his tenth court appearance to just see his kids, gave up and left the state, just sending in his weekly support obligation. Sad for sure, you can call that person names, you can judge that person but unless you are in his or her shoes you do not know. The reason I say this is if you have children, you should try to divorce or have a family case in a civil fashion as best you can or what I like to call ” a civil divorce.” Always remember, parents, despite their differences have critical things to work on in their lives, their children. Do not try to bury the other parent because that parent needs to there for your kids too, money isn’t everything.

About me and my divorce and family law team

As you may see, my name is Santo V. Artusa, Jr., I am an attorney that practices in Jersey City, New Jersey. I practice various areas of law but mainly family law and divorce in Hudson, Essex, Bergen, Union, Middlesex, Somerset and Passaic Counties in New Jersey. I am a resident of Jersey City, I serve the people I see on a daily basis whether in my neighborhood or near my office location. We try to approach a case with the goal of fighting hard enough in a civilized way so that we can reach an agreement both parties can live with. I am proud of the work we do in my office and the care my staff and I have for people who need legal help. If you have a legal issue in New Jersey, contact me or my staff on 201-706-7910 for a confidential meeting where we can discuss what is going on in your life and how we can help you fix it.


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