Jersey City Car Accident Lawyer-Victim Identified, In Fatal Accident

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The article above from provides information about a recent fatal car accident in Brick, New Jersey. The Artusa Law Firm of Jersey City represents victims of car accidents, truck accidents and other personal injury matters in New Jersey. Unfortunately a young man died in the crash referenced above.

Our team of legal professionals at the Artusa Law Firm represent people injured or killed in many different types of accidents in Jersey City, New Jersey and beyond. While someone may not be 100% after having surgery, going to therapy, or other remedies, the law does permit someone who was not at fault to obtain financial compensation if they have been injured and for their family to obtain compensation if the accident led to a fatality. If you have a car accident, truck accident or any other personal injury case in the Jersey City, New Jersey area, contact my team on 201-706-7910 for a free consultation in our Jersey City office.

To read more about our personal injury and accident case work in Jersey City, NJ, visit our page: Jersey City Accident Attorneys. To learn more about all of the legal services we offer in the Jersey City area, visit: Artusa Law Firm-Jersey City Lawyers.