4 taken to hospital after head-on car crash on Paterson Plank Road: Jersey City Injury Attorney


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Getting into a car or truck accident is a terrible thing. You feel scared, anxious and not sure what to do. The first thing is to make sure you get medical treatment as close to the accident scene as possible whether that is Christ Hospital, the Jersey City Medical Center, Bayonne Hospital or elsewhere, just GO. You never know what underlying harm the accident may have caused and I am not saying this from an injury attorney’s perspective, I am saying this as a human being that you make sure you are ok and that your loved ones are ok. Once you go to the hospital or doctor, you should consult with a local personal injury/car accident attorney who can help you understand your rights and if you have a case or not for financial compensation. My team and I at the Artusa Law Firm are experienced litigation attorneys. We can help you with your personal injury claim so that you obtain the money you deserve if you have that kind of case, not all cases obtain any financial compensation.

While my office is located in the heart of Jersey City: 35 Journal Square, Suite 825, Jersey City, NJ, we represent people who have been injured throughout the State of New Jersey. There is no fee to discuss the case with me or if you hire my firm, there is no fee unless we obtain financial compensation for you. Did your case involve a drunk driver or someone that appeared to be intoxicated? Did it involve a commercial vehicle? A Truck? A van? A pedestrian? A Passenger in your friend’s car, your family’s car (yes you still have a case!)? A bicyclist? A hit and run? Loss wages/work from the accident? Did you have the right of way? Did someone pass a red light? A stop sign? Were you walking and hit by a car? Were you a passenger in a taxicab? Passenger in an ambulance? Head on collision? Either way, if you been hurt and it was not your fault in Jersey City, we can help you today. Contact my team at 201-706-7910 for a free consultation and until then, make sure you are ok and get medical assistance after your accident.

About us: I founded the Artusa Law Firm the day I was sworn in as a member of the New Jersey Bar Association in Trenton in 2009. I was the first and only member of my entire family to obtain a professional degree. I am the son of Italian immigrants who taught me the value of hard work and respecting others. I do all I can for my clients and I represent clients in: car accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, personal injury cases, appeals, family law, divorce, child custody, child support, domestic violence disputes, restraining orders, criminal law, landlord tenant issues and DWI/traffic cases in Jersey City, New Jersey and beyond. When I am not in the office, I work as a public defender in Jersey City to give back to the community that I live in where I help people who face criminal charges in the Jersey City Municipal Court but cannot afford a private attorney.

Again, if you have any kind of case in the Jersey City area, call me, if I cannot handle it, I will send you to someone who can. Our office number is 201-706-7910. Until then, take care and stay positive.For more information about our personal injury work, visit: Jersey City Personal Injury Attorneys.