court order

When he or she is not following a court order, next step-Enforcement Motions

What is the use of a family court order if somebody does not abide by it? Having a Judge grant you relief or reaching an agreement with someone is unfortunately only the first step in the right direction. Sometimes the party you have the order against or made the agreement with does not honor the agreement and a person is forced to file a motion to enforce litigant’s rights. That enforcement motion can be to enforce parenting time, have someone pay alimony, reimburse healthcare costs, pay child support, lawyers fees, compel discovery and beyond. The more times you are able to prove the other side is violating the order, the harder the Judge will come down on him or her. A Judge can sanction, fine and/or order attorneys fees for the need to bring the motion for enforcement. You should always warn the other side, when possible, that if he or she does not cure the issue that you will bring them to court and xxxxx could happen. So it is very important to be proactive when someone is not complying with a court order otherwise they will continue to violate the order and probably drive you mad. If you have a court order that someone is not complying with and seek an attorney to file a motion, contact us today on 201-706-7910 for a consultation.

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